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Prevent unplanned shutdowns of your fractionation

Guided radar reduces risk and provides reliable measurement compared to mechanical gauges

In Olefin fractionation, you experience maintenance and safety challenges as the application temperature rises. Using magnetic level gauge devices in high temperature environments reduces safety and results in unreliable measurement. Additionally, if the temperature gets too high you will experience an unplanned shutdown of the fractionation process and safety is not ensured.

Decreased process control creates unreliable fractionation

Remote verification cannot be done because of the moving parts inside the chamber. Proof testing is only possible with wet a proof test which can harm the environment and people. With guided radar measurement you will be able to easily solve these challenging tasks.

We effectively help keep your fractionation under control

Guided wave radar, an alternative for your level measurement:

  • Continuous level measurement based on the Time-of-flight principle for reliable measurement in high temperature conditions

  • Proof test capability via simulation directly in the field for an efficient process

  • Use second unit connected to the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) to ensure safety function

  • Monitoring capability with built-in diagnostics

  • No false trips which causes the risk of a stuck device and results in an unplanned shutdown

  • Chemical plant fractionation coloumn ©Fotolia

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