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Maximize performance, reduce risk by employing expert design

Meet project expectations by designing your field networks right from the very start

Design and engineering of a field network can be a challenge. Experience has shown that doing it right puts you on the fast track in the execution phase and considerably reduces any risk. Getting it wrong means spiraling costs, delay and inefficiency. Why not get it right from the start by engaging us as a highly competent partner? You can be assured that we will deliver high quality services which meet your expectations and specific project requirements.


Our design and engineering services pave the way to success

The start of a project is a very sensitive time, when correct decisions will keep the project on schedule and in budget. Correct design and engineering ensure that technology proven for the application is used, the best instruments and network components are selected and that all field networks are designed in accordance to project guidelines. We also help with the design specifications and provide all documentation necessary for installation and validation. Do you need a better start?


  • Partner with proven field network experience that has worked on many projects, often together with other vendors

  • Project completed on schedule and within budget thanks to the use of standardized procedures

  • Efficiency increased, project risks reduced by up to 30% and engineering time reduced by up to 50% by proven best-practice project guidelines for fieldbus technology

  • High quality and total conformance with project guidelines, thanks to well-tested methods and specifications

  • Speedy installation and validation due to comprehensive documentation provided at project hand-over


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