Proline Prowirl D 200
Vortex flowmeter

Proline Prowirl D 200
Vortex flowmeter ©Endress+Hauser

The Vortex Flow Measuring Principle

HistoROM data storage concept

This film shows that Prowirl 200 is the most robust vortex flowmeter worldwide even under extreme process conditions.

Cost-effective wafer flowmeter, available as compact or remote version

The Prowirl D sensor can be installed directly between flanges and thus serves as the functional device for applications in ancillary processes at little installation cost. With genuine loop-powered technology, Prowirl D 200 enables cost-effective and seamless integration into existing infrastructures. It offers highest operational safety in hazardous areas. Heartbeat Technology ensures process safety at all times.

  • Výhody

    • Integrated temperature measurement for mass/energy flow of saturated steam

    • Easy alignment of the sensor – included centering rings

    • High availability – proven robustness, resistance to vibrations, temperature shocks & water hammer

    • Long-term stability –...

  • Oblast použití

    • Preferred measuring principle for wet/saturated/superheated steam, gases & liquids (also cryogenic)

    • For all basic applications and for 1-to-1 replacement of orifice plates.

    Device properties

    • Face-to-face length of 65 mm (2.56 in)

    • No flanges

    • Low weight

    • ...

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