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Preventive maintenance service

Keep your processes safe and lean

Regular maintenance work is essential to minimize unplanned and costly downtimes. Together, Endress+Hauser service experts will work with you to define the best maintenance intervals to keep your measurement instruments under optimal operating conditions This will ensure your process applications continue to perform at their best.

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  • Increase availability and improve overall performance of your critical devices or application solutions

  • Decrease costly and unplanned process application downtime or malfunction

  • Gain overall cost savings due to consistently high performance of your instruments or solution

  • Documentation of conformance to environmental or safety standards

  • Maintain predictable maintenance costs

Our offering

We bring proven instrumentation and maintenance know how to deliver in-depth checks and replacement of wear parts, working as your service partner throughout the lifetime of your devices or solutions. Endress+Hauser provides you with a high level of technical expertise, maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

  • Proactive scheduling of the maintenance visits, under a service agreement

  • Complete assessment of the function of your devices according to manufacturer standard procedures

  • Scheduled exchange of consumables and wear parts

  • Maintain firmware and software updates

  • Delivery of maintenance reports per device to ensure full traceability of the maintenance work

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