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Precision for custody transfer and inventory control

Enhanced temperature measurement accuracy with  the new Prothermo NMT81 

Datum zveřejnění: 28.06.2021

Higher precision and increased productivity 

The Prothermo NMT81 offers precise asset management by measuring with up to 24 resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) inside liquids or vapors. Thereby it offers more measuring points than any comparable device on the market. It also provides the possibility to install up to 12 redundant RTDs on measuring points. The combination of this redundancy and an enhanced software algorithm increases productivity as the downtime for maintenance can be reduced greatly. 

Measuring the average temperature of a product inside a tank is inevitably important for precise asset management. Temperature compensation largely contributes to volume calculation and correction. Industries like the oil and gas, the petrochemical, or food and beverages utilize average temperature to quantify their products for loss control, overall cost saving, and safe operations. 

Engineered for various applications 

To meet the needs of different applications Endress+Hauser has added relevant features to the new Prothermo. An increased lifetime in wet applications can be achieved through process parts made of the corrosion resistant material SUS316L. With its waterproof and dust-proof housing, the NMT81 is also protected against external influences like rain or dust.

Perfectly suitable for crude oil applications

In crude oil applications, the product often partially consists of water which settles to the bottom of the tank. This water level can be measured using the optional Prothermo water bottom sensor or the water interface measurement value delivered from one of our tank gauging devices. Excluding these measurement points in the average temperature calculation ensures a more precise average product temperature result. 

Accurate, and safe measurement of tank inventory

With its highly precise average temperature measurement, Prothermo NMT81 is perfectly suitable for custody transfer and inventory monitoring together with Endress+Hauser tank gauging such as Proservo NMS80, NMS81, NMS83, Micropilot NMR81 and NMR84, and Tank Side Monitor NRF81. With the new Prothermo and its superior performance we further improve our tank gauging portfolio in regards of flexibility and accuracy. 

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