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Electromagnetic flowmeter - Proline Promag W 800

Proline Promag W 800 / 5W8B

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  • Product headline

    Battery-powered flowmeter with EN ISO 12944 corrosion protection & intelligent energy efficient mode.
    For direct underground installation or permanent underwater use.
    Certified sensor for the most demanding water and wastewater applications.

  • Sensor features

    Secure, reliable long‐term operation – robust and completely welded sensor. Energy‐saving flow measurement – no pressure loss due to cross section constriction. Maintenance‐free – no moving parts.
    International drinking water approvals. Degree of protection IP68 (Type 6P enclosure).

  • Transmitter features

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    Transmitter housing made of durable polycarbonate. All in 1 housing incl. batteries & wireless modem. Measuring intervals can be adapted individually.

  • Nominal diameter range

    DN 25 to 300 (1 to 12")

  • Wetted materials

    Liner: polyurethane; hard rubber
    Electrodes: 1.4435 (316L); Alloy C22, 2.4602 (UNS N06022)

  • Measured variables

    Volume flow, mass flow

  • Max. measurement error

    Volume flow: ±0.5 % o.r. ± 2 mm/s (±0.5 % o.r. ± 0.08 in/s)

  • Measuring range

    15 dm³/min to 2500 m³/h (4 to 11 000 gal/min)

  • Max. process pressure

    PN 40, Class 300, 20K

  • Medium temperature range

    Liner material hard rubber: 0 to +80 °C (+32 to +176 °F)
    Liner material polyurethane: –20 to +50 °C (–4 to +122 °F)

  • Ambient temperature range

    Flange material carbon steel: –10 to +60 °C (14 to +140 °F)
    Flange material stainless steel: –40 to +60 °C (–40 to +140 °F)

  • Sensor housing material

    Standard: Carbon steel with protective varnish, fully welded
    Sensor connection housing: Polycarbonate

  • Transmitter housing material


  • Degree of protection

    Compact version: IP66/67, type 4X enclosure
    Sensor remote version (standard): IP66/67, type 4X enclosure
    Sensor remote version (option): IP68, type 6P enclosure, with protective varnish according to EN ISO 12944 C5‐M/Im1/Im2/Im3.
    Transmitter remote version: IP66/67, Type 4X enclosure

  • Display/Operation

    4‐line backlit display with touch control
    (operation from outside)
    Configuration via local display and operating tools possible; Remote data access via mail and SMS

  • Outputs

    Pulse/switch output (passive)

  • Inputs

    Status input

  • Digital communication


  • Power supply

    Batteries per DC 3.6 V
    AC 100 to 240 V (44 to 66 Hz) / DC 12 to 60 V

  • Hazardous area approvals


  • Metrological approvals and certificates

    3.1 material, calibration performed on accredited calibration facilities (acc. to ISO/IEC 17025)

  • Pressure approvals and certificates


  • Hygienic approvals and certificates

    Drinking water approval: ACS, KTW/W270, NSF 61, WRAS BS 6920