Radiometric measurement
Gamma Modulator FHG65

Gamma Modulator FHG65 ©Endress+Hauser
Gamma Modulator FHG65 ©Endress+Hauser

Radiometric measuring principle

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Gamma Modulator FHG65 application ©Endress+Hauser

Effective suppression of background radiation and extraneous radiation at the Gammapilot FMG60

The Gamma Modulator FHG65 is made for effective suppression of background and extraneous radiation (e. g. from non-destructive materials testing). The Gammapilot FMG60 can separate useful signals from interference radiation by its modulated radiation. This enables continuing measurements which increase plant availability and reliability.

  • Benefits

    • Unhindered measurement with Gammapilot FMG60 in the event of interference radiation from non-destructive material testing up to 50μSv/h or fluctuating background radiation

    • Highest system safety thanks to safe measuring signals

    • Continuing measurements...

  • Field of application

    Improving the measurement results of radioactive measurement through the effective suppression of background radiation and extraneous radiation (e.g. from non-destructive material testing) at the Gammapilot FMG60.

    • Temperature: No limitation (non-...

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Order code
  • 20
    • Nr 20 Order code 71071829

      Cover FHG65, 304, gasket

      Material: 304. O-ring 91.67x3.53 FKM. Usage: FHG65.

  • 21
    • Nr 21 Order code 71071830

      O-ring 91.67x3.53 FKM, 5 pieces

      Gasket cover. Usage: FHG65.

  • 70
    • Nr 70 Order code 71071848

      Fixing cooling tube FMG60/FHG65

      Consists of: 2x flat ring 316. 6x hexagon screw M6x20 (FHG65). 6x cylinder head screw M6x20 (FMG60). O-ring 91.67x3.53 FKM. Usage: FHG65, FMG60.