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Memosens CLS82E - Hygienic 4-electrode conductivity sensor for life sciences, food & beverage

Digital 4-electrode conductivity sensor
Memosens CLS82E

Memosens 2.0 contacting conductivity sensor for hygienic applications in life sciences, food & bev

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    • Technical Information (TI)

    Memosens CLS82E

    English version - 08/2021

    New version available in English

    Hygienic conductivity sensor Digital with Memosens technology

    • Explosion Protection

    Product family: CeraGel, CeraLiquid, ConduMax W, Memosens, OrbiPore, OrbiSint, TopHit

    Russian version - 11/2021

    New version available in English

    Product root: CLS15D-, CLS15E-, CLS16E-, CLS21E-, CLS82D-, CLS82E-, COS22E-, COS51E-, COS81E-, CPS11D-, CPS11E-, CPS12D-, CPS12E-, C PS16E-, CPS31E-, CPS41D-, CPS41E-, CPS42D-, CPS42E-, CPS441D-, CPS471D-, CPS47D-, CPS47E-, CPS491D-, CPS61E-, CPS62E-, CPS71D-, CPS7 1E-, CPS72D-, CPS72E-, CPS76E-, CPS77D-, CPS77E-, CPS91D-, CPS91E-, CPS92D-, CPS92E-, CPS96E-, CPS97D-, CPS97E- Region: Eurasian Economic Union Approval agency: NANIO Protection: Ex e Cl. III Zone 0, Ex e Zone 0, Ex e Zone 20

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