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Cement Production: Focus on what really counts

Easily meet the specific and complex demands of your customers

Facing volatile commodity prices on the one side and complex customer demands on the other, the need for optimized processes within the cement industry has never been higher. Think for example of the energy costs in the clinker manufacturing process, which can represent up to 75% of the variable costs. But to efficiently lower your expenses without compromising the quality of your products, accurate process data derived from reliable instruments is key.

How we can help

Whether you are managing a project, automating a fuel handling system, selecting instruments for your clinker process or packaging a NOx gas cleaning solution for your environmental compliance program, our experienced process automation consultants can handle all measurement and control requirements of fully-integrated cement plants:

  • Raw meal and clinker silo monitoring

  • Kiln burner control and fuel oil dosing package

  • Clinker cooler monitoring

  • Cyclone preheater instrumentation

  • Storage and dosing of additives


Raw meal and clinker silo monitoring

In order to keep production going it is necessary to continuously monitor stock levels in the raw meal and clinker silos. As storage vessels come in many shapes and sizes, level monitoring can be a challenge.

Cement storage silos
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser offers many different level monitoring technologies and solutions, designed for challenging environments like dust and abrasion.

Kiln burner control and fuel oil dosing

Pyroprocessing is generally regarded as the heart of cement production. It is the stage in which most of the operating costs of cement manufacturing appear, and is also therefore the area where most of the opportunities for process improvement exist.

Pyroprocessing in a cement plant
Our expertise in the field

The main parameter for these processes is naturally temperature. By monitoring it, you can ensure a consistent product quality and optimize fuel consumption.

  • For temperature measurement in the upper cyclones of the preheater, use a thermocouple with an advanced ceramic thermowell made of Silicon Nitride.

  • For the bottom cyclones, we recommend thermometers with a bar stock thermowell made from a Nickel Cobalt which offers unparalleled resistance against aggressive gases.

  • Coriolis flowmeters optimize the burner by regulating the mass flow of oil to the burner and provide the oil heating system with online temperature and viscosity measurements

Clinker cooler monitoring

The clinker cooler is one of the most critical applications in cement production as the rate of cooling can be critical to the clinker quality and overall performance of cement.:

Clinker production
Our expertise in the field

Thanks to our comprehensive portfolio we can offer a whole clinker cooler monitoring package all from one source. This includes:

Cyclone preheater instrumentation

Cyclone preheaters need to be monitored to control the blending of the the raw meal and to prevent blockages which could result in costly down-time.

Cyclone preheater
Our expertise in the field

Apart from temperature as a base parameter for overall efficiency , measuring pressure and actual build-up can help detecting blockages.

What you can do

Click through these maps to learn in detail how you can reduce your production costs

Cement process ©Endress+Hauser
Clinker burning ©Endress+Hauser


E+H industry consultants have together with our customers achieved remarkable results and improved plant optimization whilst maintaining high levels of operational safety in many industry sectors like precious metals, cement and steel production. Apart from our technical expertise and the industry optimized product portfolio the basis for such success is our business creed. We believe in building long-lasting relations with customers and not just short term profits.

  • 145,000+

    smart level sensors in cement silos worldwide

  • 60+

    years of experience in measurement instrumentation

  • 10 million

    devices installed worldwide

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