MRO optimization in chemical plants

Meet your chemical process' availability and reliability goals and be efficient simultaneously

MRO is frequently seen as a challenge and high-cost. However, is necessary to ensure the availability of parts that support equipment reliability. Among the challenges are integrating end-to-end planning, increasing reliability and availability of physical assets, optimizing inventory and realizing effective spend management. With our approach we support you in MRO optimization of your chemical plant.

Reliable MRO and obsolescence data in your chemical process

Internal or external industry standards i.e. ISO, FDA or HACCP, require you to have traceable documentation of your process instrumentation? Looking for an efficient, effective and paperless asset management solution that integrates with your business processes and reduces cost and error? Our MRO offering will help optimize your chemical plant and will support decision making. We provide you with:

  • Workshop "As-Is and To-Be" - By going through the existing situation (As-Is) the improvement potentials are discovered. These improvements and new solutions are used to design an improved situation (To-Be).

  • Improvement recommendations according to the designed "To-Be" will be given, explaining the individual benefits.

  • Implementation and execution of the designed "To-Be"- By outlining, a phased progression plan including the recommendations segmented into implementation and execution packages.

Improve the availability of your chemical process

Graphic of steps in MRO optimization ©Endress+Hauser

This graphic shows the steps to be taken, to reach MRO optimization in your chemical plant

Availability and efficiency at the same time

MRO in a chemical plant

Increase your OEE while reducing risk and downtime

Efficient process optimization or successful project implementations do not only happen on paper, it also happens in people's minds and the way they work. Therefore, we have developed a standard service fit for the general process industry, based on generic Business Process Management models. Our offering for MRO optimization in your chemical plant helps you to make the right decisions.

People in the chemical plant

A sustainable program to get grip on your installation

In a business process workshop we support you in defining the content of all relevant steps. The "As-Is" analysis represents the actual situation. This step is needed to understand the change in impact from the current situation to a new one. The “To-Be” situation includes the process description, new system architectures, associated workflows and the information exchange between the different systems. It represents a realistic and best possible solution.

  • The outcome helps everyone understand what the needed "pain relievers" are and what is achievable by implementing necessary actions.

  • A comprehensive document presents the pay-back scenarios and/or potential savings. These results will be presented to your stakeholders and management to ensure their buy inn.

People in the chemical plant

Optimize your MRO by applying a proven methodology

The methodology is applied more than 70 times in several industries including the chemical industry. Due to the structured approach and the clear phased progression plan of improvement recommendations, the success is more sustainable.

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Your success is our main objective. No matter how challenging your maintenance objectives are, our experts will support you in MRO optimization. We will support you through implementation of a sustainable obsolescence program, helping meet availability and reliability goals of your chemical process.

  • 67%

    risk reduction by using instrument diagnostics, decreasing the amount of workers operating in the field, thus increasing safety.

  • 50%

    of your stock reduced by using a sustainable obsolescence program.

  • 25%

    of your uptime increased by implementing the perfect balanced MRO optimization strategy based on a proven methodology.