Radar measurement
Micropilot FMR532

Micropilot FMR532 ©Endress+Hauser
Micropilot FMR532 Application ©Endress+Hauser

Time-of-Flight measuring principle

For high accurate non-contact level measurement in stilling well applications in custody transfer

The Micropilot FMR532 is used for custody transfer and inventory control applications with NMi- and PTB-approvals. It meets the relevant requirements according to OIML R85 and API 3.1B. The FMR532 free space radar with planar antenna is specifically suited for stilling well applications. Micropilot FMR532 offers cost-effective and simple installation via 4-wire cable with HART and 24 V DC intrinsically safe power supply.

  • Benefits

    • 0.8mm accuracy (2σ value)

    • National approvals (NMi, PTB) for custody transfer

    • Applicable as stand-alone system or integrated into tank gauging systems via the Tank Side Monitor NRF590

    • Easy on-site operation via menu-driven alphanumeric display

    • Easy...

  • Field of application

    With planar antenna particularly suited for stilling well applications with ranges
    up to 38m (124ft).

    • Process connection: Flange

    • Temperature: -40 to +150°C (-40 to +302°F)

    • Pressure: Vacuum to +25bar (Vacuum to +362psi)

    • Maximum measuring range: 38m (124ft)

    • Accuracy: Better than ±1mm

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Accessories / Spare parts

Order code
  • 25
    • Nr 25 Order code 518710-0020

      Cover T3/T12 Alu, coated, gasket

      Material: aluminium, coated. O-ring EPDM. Usage: FMR230/FMR231,FMR240/FMR244/ FMR245, FMR250, FMR530/FMR531/FMR532/ FMR533, FMR540, FMU40/FMU41/FMU42.

  • 20
    • Nr 20 Order code 52005936

      Cover F12/T12 Alu, window, gasket

      Material: aluminium. Usage: VU331, housing F12/T12, Micropilot M/S, Prosonic M, Levelflex M.

  • 11
    • Nr 11 Order code 52005643

      Hood housing T12

      Cable compartment, electronics side. Usage: Micropilot M/S, Prosonic M, Levelflex M.

  • 35
    • Nr 35 Order code 52005586

      Terminal module 5-pole, FMR53x

      Usage: housing T12, FMR530/FMR531/FMR532/FMR533, till CW20/2009.

    • Nr 35 Order code 71020581

      Terminal module 5-pole, Ex i, FMR53x/540

      Usage: FMR530/FMR532/FMR533, FMR540.

  • 40
    • Nr 40 Order code 52026443

      Display VU331, version 2

      Alphanumeric display, 4-line. Usage: FMR530/532/533, FMR540, FMU40/41/42/43/44.

  • 30
  • 65
    • Nr 65 Order code 52005628

      Sealing kit FMR5xx

      Consists of: 5x O-ring 49.21x3.53 EPDM. 5x O-ring 113.9x3.63 EPDM. 5x O-ring 72.0x3.0 EPDM.

    • Order code 517140-0000

      HF Coax cable 6GHz

      FMR13x/FMR23x, dummy antenna. Coax cable.

    • Order code 52007646

      Tool for unplugging the antenna cable

      Usage: Micropilot M/Micropilot S.

    • Order code 52028063

      HF-test cable 6GHz + resistor

      Coax cable. Termination resistor / connection piece. Usage: FMR530/FMR532/FMR533, FMR540. Dummy antenna.

    • Order code 71006590

      HF-test cable 6GHz

      Coax cable. Usage: FMR230/FMR231, FMR530/FMR531/FMR532/FMR533, FMR540. Dummy antenna.

    • Order code 71007843

      ToF Adapter FXA291

      Usage: connection Micropilot M, Micropilot S, Levelflex M, Prosonic M, Tank Side Monitor, Deltabar S, Cerabar S, Gammapilot M, Micropilot I, to Commubox FXA291.