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Flowphant T DTT35
Flow switch

Flowphant T DTT35
Flow switch ©Endress+Hauser
Flowphant T DTT35
Flow switch in use ©Endress+Hauser
Flowphant T DTT35
Flow switch ©Endress+Hauser

Safe monitoring of flow rates and temperature in hygienic processes. Compact and cost-saving.

The switch is designed for the safe monitoring and display of relative mass flow rates of liquid media in hygienic applications, for example the monitoring of cooling water circulation systems and filter monitoring in the beverage industry. It can be selected between one or two switch outputs as well as one switch output and one standardized analog output for flow rates or temperature values. A variety of hygienic process connections leads to a flexible use.

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Individuální konfigurace

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  • Výhody

    • Practically no pressure loss

    • Configuration software FieldCare for quick configuration and reliable storage of device settings

    • Optional: second switch output or 4 to 20 mA analog output for temperature monitoring or for outputting the flow as a percentage

    • ...

  • Oblast použití

    Flow switch for monitoring and displaying relative mass flow rates of liquid media in the range from 0.03 to 3 m/s (0.1 to 9.84 ft/s). Flowphant T DTT35 − with process connections for hygienic applications.

    Application examples:

    • Monitoring cooling water...

Technické informace



  • Měřicí princip


  • Product headline

    <b>Průtokový spínač pro hygienické aplikace s kapalinami</b>, inteligentní/programovatelný; ponorný typ

  • Nominal diameter range

    DN 25 až 1 000

  • Max. measurement error

    2 % až 10 % (na rozsah měření)

  • Měřicí rozsah


  • Max. process pressure

    120 bar (1.740 psi)

  • Medium temperature range

    −20 až +85 °C
    (−4 až +185 °F)
    možnost čištění CIP do 130 °C

  • Degree of protection

    IP 66

  • Display/Operation

    LCD displej

  • Outputs

    1× spínaný výstup PNP + 1× analogový výstup 4–20 mA

Dokumenty / software

Příslušenství / náhradní díly

Order code
    • Order code

      The unit is not repairable

    • Order code 51516983

      Commubox FXA291 (Hardware)

      Serial USB Computer Interface Technical Data: - USB Version1.1 or higher - Power supply via USB - IP51; NEMA/Typ 3 - Ambient temperature: -20....+60oC - Ex: II(2) G (EEx ia) II C - ATEX: BVS 05 ATEX E 095 Scope of deliovery: Commubox FXA 291 MS Windows USB driver Device is submitted for CSA/FM application. The device may not be modified and may be used with intrinsically safe circuits with corresponding characteristics only (see safety certificate).

    • Order code 51005148

      Cable M12x1 l=5m

      5m cable 4x 0.34 mm2, molded PVC angled connector, M12x1 connector screw Cu Sn/Ni, IP67.

    • Order code 51006327

      M12 elbow plug ready for cable, IP67,PG7

    • Order code TTR31X-AA

      Rubber cap for interface terminal Contains 5 pieces

    • Order code TXU10-

      Configuration kit TXU10-

      for PC-programmable devices. set-up programme+interface cable for PC with USB-Port.